Return Policy

Returning a Defective or Faulty Power Bank

Should the portable charger you receive be defective or develop a fault within the warranty period, you can return it to Power Bank Charger for replacement.

Please contact Power Bank Charger on +27 (0) 21 797 0162 immediately, or email stating the problem, and request a Return of Product Authorization (RPA) form.

On receiving the RPA, follow the instructions provided to authorise the return of your product. Please return the product by post only once you have received the RPA confirmation from Power Bank Charger.

On receipt of the portable charger, we will test and evaluate it to confirm that it is defective or faulty. Once confirmed we will send a replacement immediately.

We cannot replace a defective or faulty power bank until we have received and evaluated it.

*Please note potable chargers that have been damaged due to neglect or misuse will not be accepted for replacement.

Returns can be made should the power bank fail to:

  • be of good quality, in good working order and defect free; or
  • be usable and durable within the warranty period, having regard for the use for which they are intended

Power banks benefit from a minimum warranty period of six (6) months as of the date of delivery. You may return the product to us within that period unless otherwise stated by Power Bank Charger.

Receiving an Incorrect Power Bank

Should the portable charger you receive be incorrect, please contact Power Bank Charger immediately on +27 (0) 21 797 0162 or send an email to stating the incorrect portable charger you received and what portable charger you initially ordered.

Please refer to the invoice No. or include in your email a copy of the invoice for the power bank you purchased.

Notification of receiving an incorrect product must be within 7 days of receiving the product.

We will arrange for collection of the portable charger from you through our Courier Service Provider. Once we have received the potable charger in its original packing we will send you the correct portable charger immediately.

*Damaged power banks will not be accepted.

Please note we cannot replace the incorrect product until we have received it.

Power Banks Damaged During Delivery

It is our intent that our power banks reach our customers in perfect condition. Should the packaging be damaged in anyway, please take a photograph and note said damaged on our courier’s delivery note. Open the parcel in courier’s presence and check that the power bank itself has not been damaged.

Failure to the inspection as detailed above will result in the parcel being considered as delivered in good condition and Power Bank Charger will be unable to consider any claims or complaints.

Any unclaimed parcel that is returned to Power Bank Charger can be sent back to you provided you pay the additional delivery fees.

A claim should be put in writing directly to Power Bank Charger within 3 business days (public holidays and weekends excluded) following the day of delivery. This claim can be sent either by email to or registered post. Please include copies of your photos as requested.