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Universal Charger 13500mAh


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This Multi-Functional 13500 mAh high capacity Universal Battery Charger is a must have for anyone who is always on the road. It can be used as an Emergency Jump Starter to easily start your vehicle as well as charge everyday electronic and digital devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPads, MP3/MP4 devices, digital cameras, PSPs, etc.


The kit comes with Micro USB, laptop and smartphone charging cables, premium recoil free jumper cables, car charger and a sleek carrying case. You can charge the LEMFO battery at home using a standard wall outlet or inside your vehicle using the cigarette lighter adapter.


When fully charged, the charge can stay for up to 6 months without needing to be recharged.


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Product Description

Universal Charger 13500mAh

All in one Multi-Function Power Bank Charger and Emergency Car Jump Starter with Built-in Flashlight. It comes neatly packaged in a zippered white leatherette case that organizes everything with straps for each kind of attachment included.

Question: How can a vehicle be Jump Started?

Answer: If a vehicle can’t be started by the vehicle storage battery due to various reasons, the Emergency Car Jump Starter can exert sufficient power to start a vehicle. First, make sure the Emergency Car Jump Starter is ideally charged to a minimum of three LED lights being at 60% power. Connect the positive and negative polarities of the vehicle storage battery with the positive and negative polarities of the Emergency Car Jump Starter. After the red and black polarities have been clamped, insert the plug of the battery terminal into the “Auto Start Output Port” of the Emergency Car Jump Starter. Wait several seconds before starting the vehicle ignition. Once the vehicle has started, remove the battery terminal plug form the Emergency Car Jump Starter and then remove the positive and negative clamps from the vehicle storage battery.

Question: How can power be supplied to a Laptop?

Answer: Turn the Universal Charger power supply to “ON” and adjust the power supply to the adaptor voltage of a laptop being 19V=3.5A. Afterwards, insert the adaptor power plug into the output power interface of the laptop (in case of wrong interface, please use interface adaptor of laptop). When supplying power to the laptop, it is best suggested to remove the laptop battery power supply at first to increase its service life.

Laptop Charger 13500mAh_2Specifications

Battery Specific: Universal Laptop Charger/Multi-Function Car Emergency Jump Starter
Battery Power: 13500mAh
Battery Cell Composition: ABS Flame Retardant Material
Battery Average Life: More than 1500 times

Battery Charge Time: 4-5hours
Output Power: 12V=2A 16V=3.5A 19V=3.5A
Voltage: 12V
Item Type: Battery Charging Units

Item Length: 16.5 cm
Item Weight: 410 g
Package Size: 27.0 * 19.0 * 7.0 ( cm )
Gross Weight/Package: 1.0 ( kg )

Operation Instructions:

1. Select the appropriate voltage and connector for the electronic device to charge / power supply
2. Press the switch to start charging when your device is connected (If you unplug the cable, auto-sleep will activate in 20 seconds)
3. Five lights will flash circularly during the charging and all lights will stay on when your device is fully-charged
4. During the charging of your device the LED lights will indicate the charged power level of the built-in battery. One light indicates 20%, two lights indicate 40%, three lights indicate 60% and so on. The built-in battery is empty when all LED lights start to flash
5. Store the product in a cool and dry place and away direct sunlight